Nylon Multifilament

  1. 3-Strand Twisted Nylon Strong, durable, flexible and shock absorbent. Twisted nylon stretches up to 40% before breaking. Ideal for docking, anchoring or pulling. Spliceable. Resists chemicals and abrasions. Available in colors.
  2. Braid on Braid Nylon - Spool Highest in value, this two in one rope has all the advantages of nylon fiber...TWICE! The unique construction of a sixteen strand diamond braid jacket over an eight strand diamond braided core creates a kink free rope, ideal for marine and industrial applications where high strength along with ...
  3. Solid Braid Nylon Made of 100% multifilament nylon with a round construction. It is ideal for blocks, pulleys, winches, mooring lines and general tie downs. Non-spliceable. Abrasion and chemical resistant. Available in colors.
  4. Solid Braid Flag Rope/ Wire Center - Spool 1/16" or 3/32" galvanized 7x7 air craft cable are wrapped with solid braided nylon or polyester creating a round huckle free cord ideal for flag ples and halyards. Available colors  in white, black, brown and silver.
  5. Diamond Braid Nylon One of the best general purpose ropes that absorbs shock loads due to excellent elasticity. Long a favorite of the tent, awning, blinds and shade industry. Non-spliceable.
  6. Twisted Nylon Dock Line
  7. Braided Nylon Dock Line
  8. Knitted Nylon General, all-purpose nylon cord. All commercial uses. 100% nylon jacket with a nylon/polypropylene blend core. Economical rope with high strength and low stretch. Abrasion and weather resistant.